Pet Safety

Ruff Tough Kennels

In the past two years, we have started to put more thought into how we travel with our dogs.  I had many years of driving with dogs and no accidents, but in 2015 we decided to make safer travel a priority.   After hitting a deer at 75MPH on a Texas Highway, it's a change we are thankful we made.  

We prefer the Ruff Tough Kennels of for many reasons, they hold up well, yet they still have some give making the dogs less likely to become injured when they hit the sides of the crate in time when we have to swerve or hit the brakes.   We have now replaced all of our travel crates with Ruff Tough Kennels so that our dogs can travel in what we feel is the safest choice. 

Remember that dogs do not need "extra" room in their travel crates.  More room gives them more room to slide and more force can be built up as they hit the crate when braking or in a collision.  Extra room in your crates at home is a great idea, but a travel crate should be appropriately sized.

We use intermediate for most of our Carolina Dogs and Siberian Huskies, some of our larger males travel in a large.  Stick with a one door kennel if it will work for your vehicle, the door is the weakest part and also going to be the most uncomfortable part if your dog hits it.  Only one of ours is a double door, and that was because we needed to place it sides in the van to fit in with the others. 

Carry My Dog also carries the Kennebec and Gunner kennels.  These would be our other suggestions.  The Gunner kennel has actually done the best in crash tests.  However, it takes up a lot of space and is in the $500 price range.  I have not seen one in person, but the plastic appears to be much harder and I personally like the slight give the RTK crates have. 

You can purchase RTK crates quickly and easily on  or if you have a Cabela's near you, you can get free shipping to the store, sometimes they are in stock also.   Cabela's prices are great when they have a sale, but usually overpriced when they do not.  Carry My Dog also has great customer service that is very responsive.  

Nestcam or Dropcam

We really love these cameras.  They are not great as your primary security systems if using video monitoring for your property as the recording fee per camera is pretty high and they are not good for outdoors.

What I love so much about them is that they have two way audio.  Not only can I see the dogs when I'm not home, but I can even talk to them.  This allows me to get their attention and make sure they look like they are doing well, rather than just seeing a video of them taking a nap. 

Video for these cameras is recorded in the cloud so you don't have to worry about loss of video.  I really suggest them for anyone who has to spend any time away from their animals.  Our dogs are rarely left alone, even when I travel for shows my husband is with them.  But, I still love being able to check on them and