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We have Siberian Husky puppies available as of 10/15/2019

We are a Dallas, Texas  area breeder and exhibitor focused on temperament, health testing, and proving the quality of our dogs in the show ring and performance.  Our puppies are generally sold as pets to loving homes. However, we firmly believe in doing all we can to have great quality and well-started puppies from quality and proven adults. 

AKC Siberian Huskies

AKC FSS Yakutian Laika

AKC Norwegian Lundehund

We are a small show and performance kennel in Rockwall County, North Texas.  NorthStar Siberians is an AKC registered kennel name for use by us alone. No other kennel should be advertising AKC Siberian Huskies under the name NorthStar.

We own and show Siberian Huskies, Norwegian Lundehunds (including the 2019 Westminster Best of breed winner) and Yakutian Laikas. Our dogs are also featured in various promotion work for TV, film, media, advertising etc as well as most of our dogs compete in various performance venues and have a variety of CGC and Trick Dog titles in AKC. Our dogs are bred as closely to their breed standard as possible even though most of our puppies are placed to loving families as pets.

If you are looking for a puppy and do not see any listed feel free to send an email about upcoming litters.  I am not always quick to get online and answer emails as we do stay very busy with the dogs.  We show and do performance with our dogs because it is what we enjoy ourselves.  Most of our puppies go to loving pet homes who can appreciate a welll-started puppy.

Siberian Huskies
Siberian Huskies

We do have Siberian Husky puppies available from time to time.  We do not generally list our puppies until they are at least 8 weeks old and prefer they not leave until 10 weeks of age as it fits better with the vaccine schedule we use.  

Have a look through our site and you can learn more about our adult Siberian Huskies and our dedication to them.  We do find sometimes people are intimidated by how much we do with our dogs for titles etc.  Please know that these are the things we love to do ourselves.  We do not expect our puppy owners to have the same interests that we do.  Our puppy owners are generally families who simply want a great pet and can provide a stable home for the puppy.  A well-started puppy from healthy parents with a good temperament makes all the difference. 

Yakutian Laikas
Yakutian Laikas

I love the process of helping more rare breeds become recognized in the United States.  So, in partnership with some of our friends from Russia we now have a few Yakutian Laikas.  At this time there are less than 100 Yakutian Laikas in North America. 

I will add more information on the breed as time permits.   You can learn more about the breed at this link.

Norwegian Lundehunds
Norwegian Lundehunds

Please note. we do not keep a waiting list for Norwegian Lundehund puppies.  We are trying to help rebuild bloodlines here in the USA and rarely have puppies, we have only had 2 Norwegian Lundehund puppies so far.   We do not have any for sure availablility in the near future.

We are very active with the Norwegian Lundehund breed and are working with other breeders to help bring the numbers of this breed in the United States back up as well as to help make sure they are represented at most of the larger AKC dog shows.  Our goal with this breed has more to do with the future of the breed here and helping to make sure they will continue in our country.

Our journey with the Norwegian Lundehund has been fun and eventful, 2018 brought us our first AKC Champion and a Best of Breed win at Westminster 2019.  We are very excited about being involved in this fun little breed. 

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Please do not share or use our photos without permission.  Our images are protected to us or friend's that some of our dogs came from.  The dogs featured on our website are actually our dogs. We have had our photos stolen and misused so we take it very seriously.  @NorthStar 2019

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